G-BRHR Tomahawk PA38-112

G-BRHR Tomahawk PA38-112 is available to hire from £120ph and provides a cheaper alternative when the extra seats aren’t need.

Gulfstream Tiger AA5B

G-DONI should be available in May for self fly hire. This will be it’s primary role to ensure good availability and true four seat flying! Photos and updates will be added as the restoration continues.

Cessna 152 secured.

The long promised Cessna 152 has been sourced and should be online this summer all being well. Ideal for hour builders or those without need of the extra seats the price per hour of £120 on tacho could mean flying near £100 per airborne hour if the engine power is kept at econo cruise. Updates to follow.

Oil Store

There is an oil store located on the northern side of the customs cabin, a key for it will be attached to the key set of each aircraft. Please verify the oil the required as BOXR will initially need straight oil to bed the new cylinders.

Cessna 152

The Cessna 152 that was hoped for the end of the year will not be available until the beginning of next year. With the quiet period of the winter nearly upon us I don’t think that many flights will be forgone and will continue to update with relevant information as I get it.